Chipata Golf Viral Video  – On the web, we every day see some trending topics or viral videos that shake us and the most ashamed thing is that individuals in all actuality do praise this sort of misbehavior by the person who is doing and others are boosting him to do that.

Indeed, in the midst of so numerous viral videos we are discussing the Chipata golf video where a Chipata man seems assaulting a woman, and individuals surrounding him are screaming cheerfully to fill him with certainty to keep assaulting her.

However, on the web, there is not a lot of data available but anything we found so far we are telling you. So, in the viral clips, you will see a fenceless woman got beaten severely by a Chipata man and the most shocking thing in the video you will see is, a lot of individuals surrounding the assailant and cheering him by praising so that he can do it more worst.

What Happened at Chipata Golf Course?

As soon as the viral video turned into a web sensation and reached the police department so on this Davis Simwanza the Eastern Province Police Commanding Officer said that they are investigating the whole scenario and the case is not another one because it has happened as of now before 14 days, however, the video started getting viral on social media now but it is an old clasp.

All things considered, almost certainly that you must think that why the woman got assaulted or thumped by the Chipata man at the Golf course so according to the sources it came to realize that the one who is beating the woman, paid the woman for suggestion for the evening, however, statements are saying that they all were drinking whole evening, therefore, the man didn’t have closeness with the Chipata woman and in the first part of the day when they all returned their senses, the man got to realize that he paid that woman for mating but then the woman said that he paid for the evening and she was there with them for playing out her work, but as the night has passed so she can’t do it now.

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However, it drove them crazy and as a result, the man and that bundle of individuals started beating the woman.

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