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Viral: Cate Waruguru Delivers Viral Video Insulting Kiunjuri

techroki.com – Laikipia Woman Representative, Catherine Waruguru, has emerged to address a viral video making rounds on social media platforms of her apparently disparaging previous Agriculture Cabinet Secretary, Mwangi Kiunjuri.

Speaking on Saturday, February 12, Waruguru noticed that she was misquoted and misunderstood on the words which were considered as outrageous and disparaging to the previous legislator.

The outspoken Legislator, however, insisted that she has no apologies to make on what she said while going up against Kiunjuri.

Waruguru alleges that the hostility among her and Kiunjuri stems from their personal differences and she won’t withdraw her words even before a jury.


Further, the vocal MP denied allegations that Kiunjuri is the person who presented her to politics back in 2013.

“How would he be able to front my name for assignment as Member of County Assembly, yet his endeavor to win the 2013 Laikipia gubernatorial seat failed?” posed Waruguru.

The fallout between the two started when The Service Party (TSP) pioneer indicated competing for the Laikipia East parliamentary seat in the August polls.

Waruguru, then again, challenged the official to join the race promising him a tight fight.

“I know my brother Mwangi Kiunjuri intends to contest for Laikipia East MP’s seat and I need to invite him in the race,” Waruguru stated.

“Leave alone the current Legislator Mohammed Amin and quick previous MP Mutahi Kimaru. The race will be between two horses, which are Waruguru and Kiunjuri.”

Initially, Kiunjuri had clarified that he planned to contest for the Presidential seat. He was at one point even fronted as a showing mate to Deputy President William Ruto to political commentators.

However, Kiunjuri has not emerged to uncover his following stage of activity on Waruguru’s sentiments.

Laikipia women representative, Hon. Cate Waruguru.

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