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Viral Miss Ukraine Takes Arms, Ready to Defend the Country from Russian Invasion

techroki.comMiss Ukraine 2015 Anastasiia Lenna turned into a web sensation in the wake of declaring on her Instagram that she was prepared to defend her country. Anastasiia poses holding arms. He is prepared to battle the Russian troops attacking Ukraine.

Anastasiia Lenna transferred a photograph of herself waging war on February 22, 2022. There are two photos showing her posing with a weapon.

“22.02.2022 #standwithukraine #handsoffukraine,” he composed momentarily in the photograph inscription.

Support was pouring in for Anastasiia Lenna. One of them is from the authority Miss Supranational Instagram account. There is also support from other netizens from various parts of the world.

“opportunity for Ukraine, a Venezuelan in Argentina prays for individuals of Ukraine…,” composed a netizen from Venezuela.

“Pulling for yourself and all UKRAINE from the U.S. OUR CITIZENS LOVE YOU and YOUR UKRAINIAN BROTHERS and SISTERS. ,” composed a netizen from the United States.

Previously in an Instagram transfer, Anastasiia also composed that she would effectively defend her country. “Anybody who crosses the boundary of Ukraine with the goal of attacking will be killed,” read a message on Instagram that was re-transferred by him.

Anastasiia Lenna has voiced concern several times over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. He called on his followers on Instagram to give support and donations to the Ukrainian armed force.

Profil Anastasiia Lenna, Miss Ukraina 2015 yang Siap Bela Negara

Anastasiia Lenna has represented Ukraine at the Miss Grand International 2015. In the authority Miss Grand International website it is written, Anastasiia from Ukraine is 24 years old.

Anastasiia is an alumni studying the board and advertising from the Slavistic University, Kyiv, Ukraine. He has functioned as an advertising chief in Bodrum and Ankara, Turkey. In addition, because she knows five languages, Miss Ukraine 2015 also frequently works as a translator.

The lady with a height of 175 cm was previously a model. She has had a vocation in demonstrating and acting since the age of 13.

She has a successful vocation in demonstrating, acting and presenter in Turkey. Anastasiia Lenna as of now has her own music program on Genc TV, in particular World Top 10.

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