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viral on Twitter Checo Perez video Prix Party OF Monaco

techroki.com Well who does not adore hustling? Then next question is who does not know Checo Perez? He is a superb F1 racer and many individuals know him by his name Sergio Perez.

He is a top quality F1 racer and everyone who know him, know what sort of misjudged capable this F1 racer is actually.

If you don’t have the foggiest idea about the complete name of Checo Perez, then you must realize that his complete name is Sergio Perez Mendoza. He is a Mexican by birth and by adrenaline rush he is a legitimate hustling driver. As of now he is part of the Red Bull Racing group in Formula One hustling.

If you have barely any insight into him, then you must realize he had represented McLaren, Sauber, Force India and Racing Point prior to joining 12 months before this exciting Red Bull Racing group.

When he participated in 2021 he joined because of the exciting project and vision of this Formula One hustling group that has got a tremendous history behind it part of it thanks to Sebestian Vettel, but that is another story altogether and allowed us to focus on the story of this night that can be said a decent gossip about a celebrity.

Subsequent to winning the grandprix in Monaco he was seen partying with a hot woman and the image confirms that she is not his partner.

Tragically it has given some heat to the rumors that this person is actually cheating his partner and presently can place his marriage in peril for some absolute reasons.

He may be causing problems as of now because of that video of partying with the hot woman. What might have been a commending night could now end up being a bad dream for this Formula One racer now.

It is always a shame when individuals cheat on their partners and it looks like this person might have been discovered in the act. His actions could place his personal life in a difficult situation. The fans are now bantering over this episode on the social media.

Perez might release an authority expression of remorse for fans.

The Checo Perez smashed video is profoundly popular on the social media reddit and Twitter. The clasp was taken from the party and shared to the public users. With the release of video, many rumors are also started spreading in regards to Checo Perez wife.

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