What Addison Rae tweet on Euphoria truly hit nerve with fans

techroki.comAddison Rae has been rumored to show up in Euphoria after she expressed her interest but her latest post with regards to the show left many fans confused.

It’s safe to say that TikTok star sent Twitter users into free for all with her tweet about the hit HBO Max series, which circulated its season two finale last evening.

Here’s what Addison posted and why many some individuals were excited, while others were left baffled.

Addison Rae sends fans into meltdown

Addison Rae has got Euphoria viewers talking after she shared a Twitter post about the show ahead of its season two finale on Sunday night.

She tweeted: “Remember to watch Euphoria this evening.”

But her post sent many Twitter users into meltdown as numerous viewers started speculating whether she could show up in the show.

Addison clarified her tweet and said that it was just a “friendly update” for individuals to watch the hit series.

“Why’s everybody blowing a gasket?” the TikTok star tweeted in a subsequent post. “I was just posting a friendly update since it’s Sunday.”

Some of Addison’s fans anticipated an appearance from her, as well as a teaser of her debut collection. However, none of these occurred.

Fans react to potential cameo appearance

Addison’s tweet truly hit a nerve with some of her fans as many are expecting her debut collection.

In response to her post, one fan expressed: “Perhaps because we’re desperately waiting for u [sic] to drop I got it terrible also known as song of the year?”

“The way that individuals think ur [sic] going to be in it yet it’s the last episode,” someone else tweeted.

Another fan tweeted: “Personally think this finale would’ve been better if they put this unreleased Addison Rae song in it.”

But it’s safe to say that a potential appearance from Addison in the following series of Euphoria has gotten blended reactions on Twitter.

“Why individuals are saying Addison Rae is in the last ep of Euphoria?” asked a Twitter user.

“Let me know you all are not actually accepting that Addison will be in Euphoria this evening,” composed someone else.

What has Addison said about Euphoria before?

In a meeting with MTV in November 2021, Addison expressed her interest to be cast in the series and gushed regarding other cast members. She told the power source:

“I couldn’t imagine anything better than to do Euphoria. I truly just love every one of the girls that are on it… Sydney’s astonishing, Alexa’s astounding, obviously Zendaya’s astonishing. But they’re all truly sweet. Indeed, I’ve met Alexa, and she was outrageously sweet. Also I couldn’t imagine anything better than to work with her.”

The Final Word

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